The myMetabolix Executive Wellness Program

A Wellness Program for Executives that Creates a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

Education  ·  Empowerment · Sustainability

At myMetabolix, we work to educate our clients about their bodies and empower them with practical tools to live healthier and longer lives.

If our clients understand how their bodies work, they can effectively establish the daily habits that not only support their immediate health goals, but build sustainable healthy lifestyles for the long term.

A Wellness Plan that Works + An Expert Accountability Partner

Our clients come to us because they want a wellness plan that works and an expert accountability partner.

Many clients are confused about all the conflicting health information on the internet. They’re also frustrated with diet and exercise programs that haven’t worked.

We understand.

At myMetabolix our mission is to stop the confusion and deliver an executive wellness program that works.

A Practical Framework: The myMetabolix Body Blueprint

We believe our clients deserve to get healthy, live healthy and stay healthy.

When clients invest precious time, energy and money on improving their health, they must get results.

Our clients should also learn about their bodies and establish strategies to confidently enjoy autonomy after their goals are met.

That’s why we created The myMetabolix Body Blueprint for sustainable healthy living as a practical framework for all our custom program design and delivery.

myMetabolix Body Blueprint based on Preventative Functional Medicine

The myMetabolix Body Blueprint is based upon the preventative functional medicine model which addresses the root causes of weight gain, dysfunction and disease in the body and promotes healthy weight loss, healing and longevity.

While the body is a complex and miraculous machine, it responds quickly in big ways to small daily changes designed specifically for our unique bodies.

Every myMetabolix executive wellness program is customized. However, the myMetabolix Body Blueprint, or foundations of health and success, always remain the same.

The myMetabolix Body Blueprint Explained

Each Body is Unique: Biochemical Individuality

Each body is unique. There is only one body like yours. You convert food, water, movement, sleep, and thoughts into energy like no one else. This concept is known as biochemical individuality and is the reason we customize all myMetabolix programs to fit each client’s unique body type.

We believe there is no such thing as a successful one-size-fits all health and wellness program.

Two Critical Success Factors to be Effective and Sustainable

There are two critical success factors for a wellness program to be effective and sustainable. 

First, the foods recommended must fuel the unique metabolic needs of each person.

Second, the program must practically fit into the person’s lifestyle. If either of these two factors are not met, the wellness program will ultimately fail.

All myMetabolix clients complete comprehensive metabolic and lifestyle testing online during the first month. The results are then incorporated into each customized myMetabolix program design. 

Balance and Optimize Three Primary Health Drivers

Each myMetabolix executive wellness program is designed to balance and optimize three primary health drivers.

  1.  Blood Sugar
  2.  Stress
  3.  Digestion

When out of balance, these three primary health drivers are largely responsible for inflammation and hormone imbalances.

These imbalances can lead to weight gain, muscle wasting, low energy, bloating, constipation, insomnia, illness, disease and premature death.

Clients receive ongoing education through articles and videos that explain how and why the myMetabolix executive wellness program balances and optimizes these three important drivers. 

Managing the Four Daily Choices

We help our clients manage four daily choices around:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Hydration
  3. Exercise
  4. Sleep

Properly managing these familiar four daily choices begins re-setting, healing and optimizing the three primary health drivers within the first two weeks of the myMetabolix program.

In a year’s time, the body has regenerated all its cells and is well on its way to optimizing.

Weight loss, increased energy, more effective workouts and elimination of chronic conditions are results of following the myMetabolix program.*

The myMetabolix Body Blueprint for a Sustainable Healthy Life

One Body – your body is unique – one size fits all solutions do not make sense

Two Success Factors – Eat foods to fuel your body; Follow a Program that fits your body type.

Three Health Drivers – Keep your blood sugar, stress response and digestion in balance.

Four Daily Choices – Make nutrition, hydration, exercise and sleep choices to support your health drivers and optimize performance.

* Based on the experience of the typical myMetabolix client. Individual results may vary.