Nationally Recognized Entrepreneur | Late 50’s | Married, Father of 2 Adult Children | Travels Extensively|after 4.5 months on myMetabolix

I’ve lost 53 lbs, reduced 3 medications, my waist size is down 5 inches, my energy level is very good and I feel happy. And I need a wellness adviser.

President | Billion Dollar Sales and Marketing Division |Late 50’s | Married, Father of 2 Adult Children | Travels Weekly | after 3 months on myMetabolix

In 90 days, I fundamentally changed my health habits. I generally feel better, have more energy, and my clothes fit better. The customized plan, mobile app and accountability were key to my success. I’ve already personally recommended myMetabolix to other executives.

Business Development Executive | Mid 40’S | Married, Father of 1 Toddler | Runner | Travels Extensively | after 2 months on myMetabolix

My energy level is higher. I have increased mental clarity and consistency of moods. My body composition has changed. I’ve added muscle and lost inches. And I’ve started cutting back on medications.

Top Sales Executive | Fortune 500 Company | Mid 60’s | Married, Father and Grandfather | Travels Extensively |after 6 months on myMetabolix

I’ve lost 60 lbs, many pants sizes and belt loops, have more energy and my sciatica has subsided. My recent blood tests show my HDL and LDL are in line and my triglycerides are lower than any time in recent memory. Finally, my blood pressure is the lowest ever at 110/70. I’m able to exercise 5 days a week and feel great. This program works and I love that I can be successful while on the road.

Nationally Recognized Entrepreneur| Mid 40’s | Married, Mother of 3 Adult Children | Travels Extensively |after 4 months on myMetabolix

I’ve lost weight, the most weight I’ve lost in 14 years. I am down 2 dress sizes. And I like the on-demand support and accountability through the app.

Internationally Recognized Academic | PhD, Professor | Consultant | Early 70’s | Married, Mother and Grandmother | Travels Extensively | after 3 months on myMetabolix

I loved the simplicity. The combination of the tech savvy program, customized tools, and on-demand support really worked for me. I feel good, less bloated, less stressed, lighter and I’m sleeping better. I’ve already recommended myMetabolix to others.

National Fashion Consultant and Stylist| Early 60’s | Married, Mother of 2 Adult Children| Travels Extensively | after 3 months on myMetabolix

The program was completely tailored to me and what I needed to change my habits. I lost unwanted weight, I am able to focus more and I have more energy to exercise and enjoy life. I loved the mobile app and working with my dedicated wellness adviser.

Owner of National Fitness Facility| Early 30’s | Married, Mother of 1 Young Child | Travels Extensively| after 2 months on myMetabolix

As the owner of a national fitness facility, I have always tried to eat healthy. Working with my dedicated wellness adviser, I learned that there are right and wrong foods for your body and I was eating too much protein. I loved my customized program, the on-demand strategies from my wellness adviser and the mobile app which kept me on track. I have more energy and no more bloating. I feel the best I have ever felt in a long time. I regularly recommend myMetabolix to my exercise clients.

*Results will vary by client.

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